Sunday, September 03, 2006


I worked at the Polynesian Cultural Center back in 1989-90, in the Gateway Restaurant. We would serve the tourists that came through, but they also did catering for local events. One time, as part of a catering job, we made Otai. It is a Tongan drink. I think it was tasty. I don't remember, lol.

Well, we had some watermelon on hand, and I was trying to decide just what to do with it and I got the idea to try some Otai. We excitedly sliced the melon open and upon seeing the interior, my daughter stood there, with her mouth gaping open. "Wha??? Look! Its ORANGE!!" She thought that we had somehow gotten a mutant melon from Mars. I waited a minute before I told her that some melons are orange, on purpose. Heehee. I just had to watch her suprised face a minute longer.

I wasn't expecting an orange watermelon. Sean had bought it and he's notorious for not noticing details when buying things. He handn't realized it was orange either.

Hmmm...would this work for Otai? Eh, why not? So I made the saddest looking Otai in history. Just see if you agree...


coconut milk

You are supposed to smash the watermelon with your fingers, then add the other ingredients and stir. I think I ended up blending it in a blender. It wasn't too sweet, so I added some sugar.

It was nothing special.

We made popsicles wtih what was left over, and they were pretty good.


Angelina said...

Okay may your into this or not but here you do once a month cooking? I wish I could find a blog that was all about it!

Laurie said...

No, I haven't ever done OAMC. I've considered it, but I'm not sure if it would work for me. I've thought that maybe I could do it so that I don't cook every night of the week.

Have you tried it?

Angelina said...

No, I wanted someone to start a blog on it! He hee. My friend does but I can't seem to get her on board!

M. said...

That looks so yummy! I had no idea you worked at PCC! Hawaii is my homestate. :)