Thursday, June 30, 2005

Giving In, And My Favorite Breakfast

Seems like everyone has a blog. Now I'm being a joiner. Like I need to waste more time on the internet. Here I am. I have only rarely journaled with any regularity. So who knows what will come of this. I'm already wasting too much time in cyberland, but maybe this can be counted as productive, since maybe it will be, you know, like, my life story. Whatever.

Today, my inlaws are coming. I've gotta clean the house. They have had my oldest son with them now for two weeks. He's had a blast, but now he's coming home. Yippee. They were going to take my oldest daughter with them to stay for a couple of weeks, but she has an orthodontist appointment next Wed and a team party for her softball team the weekend after that. We'll probably take her out to Georgia in August and let the grandparents bring her back right before school starts. My youngest dd would like to stay with them
in theory, but in practice, I just don't think she's up to it. She's my little girl and she needs me nearby methinks. She's only 5. Maybe next summer. Then of course, my youngest ds is only 19 months and still a nursling. He's staying right here with me.

Now, if I can get rid of dh for a while...just kidding. Happy birthday, honey. I love you. Today he is 36. I turned 36 on June 7, so I have a few weeks on him in the age dept.

I'm new to this whole blog thing. I hate writing papers for school, I hate writing letters, I really would rather just talk. If I can really just write what comes to my mind, this could end up pretty boring, but easy for me. Maybe my children's children's children will enjoy reading it one day...maybe not. :)

My favorite breakfast:

2 eggs
some chopped sweet onion
some chopped marinated roasted red pepper

I stir together and add salt and pepper, then cook on a non stick griddle.

Then I eat it with:

chopped garden tomatoes (they are in season and abundant right now) mixed with sriracha sauce
some canned Rotel tomatoes (very yummilicious and good to eat with just about everything)

This just gets better every time I eat it. If you eat this for breakfast, it really isn't that many calories, about 225-250, depending on the amount of oil used in cooking. If you eat it with toast or other starchy thing, then its a lot of calories.

My 5 yo rolled off the bed in her sleep this morning. I think she sort of stubbed her toe on the tile floor. I jumped out of bed to the sound of her screaming. She got over it quickly and went back to sleep. I had to wake her up a little while later because she has been sleeping in every morning til 8 or 9 and then she can't go to sleep at a decent hour! She's awake til 10 or so! Dh and I need our quiet time! 19 mo son woke up when he heard her cry and I nursed him a minute or so and he went back to sleep.