Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I've been tie dying

I love to tie dye. I don't do it often enough! My daughter has been bugging me to do some more. She loves all the things I dabble in, such as jewelry making, tie dye, etc. She is my little "mini me".

So, she helped, and this is a sampling of what we made:


Karmahound said...

Now that looks like fun. I'm especially impressed by the heart. How did you do that? My sister Gianella is a tie dye guru. I think she may even have done a tie dye butter fly-or else I am just deluding myself. The shirt on the bottom looks very cosmic. I would name it "Hie Unto Kolob."

Laurie said...

The heart is easy. Just fold the front of the shirt in half and stitch a half heart (by hand). Pull the stitching tight and bind it. When you apply the dye (with narrow tipped squeeze bottles), do one color for the heart and another color for the rest.

Oh, wait, did you REALLY want me to describe the process? :)

It is hard to understand written tie dye descriptions, really. It is much easier to understand visually, with pictures.

Ok, I'll name that star piece "Hie unto Kolob". :)

Anonymous said...

Groovy. This might be a fairly fun, albeit messy, weekend activity for the kids. You will have to show me how to make the heart. Actually, you'll have to show Amy. You lost me a "stitch." I'm intrigued that you specified that this stitching had to be done by hand. I don't even think I could do it by hand, even less so with my feet or my teeth. (Although I imagine teeth may be used to supplement hands when it comes to certain aspects of stitching.) On that random note-Good night and good luck.