Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Riddle Me This

So, Hypatia picked out her clothes the night before. On the top of the stack is a pair of underwear, two socks, and four cotton balls. what are the cotton balls for?



Val in the Rose Garden said...

WELCOME BACK! What were the cotton balls for?


Anonymous said...

Yeah, what??

Anonymous said...

Hi, niece! I got back from my renewed effort to exercise and I wanted to eat sooooo bad. I thought that would defeat the whole purpose of the sweating and groaning and huffing and puffing so I started looking at blogs connected to my daughter's (your cousin) blog. Look who I found, you. So any luck finding out what the cotton balls were for. Do her shoes hurt her feet and she was using them to ease the pain. Or were the shoes too big and she stuffed then in the toe. The other thing is the Bra issue but cottonballs wouldn't make a whole lot of difference. See ya cutie. SKW

Yer Sis said...

Yeah, Laurie, what were they for, huh?? I can't figure it out!