Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Crapcakes and a migraine

Crapcakes, thats the name my husband gave to those little snack cakes. You know, like Little Debbie and Hostess cakes (Twinkies, Zingers, and the like). Although he doesn't want me to spread the word, the truth is that Sean used to buy these cakes with some frequency. He hates it when I tell people that (good thing nobody reads this blog, lol). He knows that they are yucky and yet he bought them anyway. He claimed that because he was denied these as a child, he had to get his fill of them as an adult, even knowing how disgusting they are. They are gross, you know. I remember that I never even ate them as a child. The few times I had a twinkie in my lunch, I gave them away. In fourth grade I gave them to Kyle Hogue (he was so cute), and he would sit on the package and squish them and then squeeze it out and eat it! I swear its the truth! I think that they were peanut butter flavored, too. Did Twinkie make a peanut butter flavored crapcake in the 70's? Anyone know?

Anyway, Sean has apparently outgrown his little crapcake obsession (he's moved on to gum! He buys gum constantly!). For some reason, though, he bought a box of Zingers the other day. My kids were excited. They had one for dessert. I gave Dylan, (9 year old son) one in his lunch. Here's the conversation we had after school that day:

Dylan: Mom, can I have a Zinger?
Me: No. You had one in your lunch, thats enough for the day.
Dylan: I didn't eat it though. Can I have one now?
Me: You didn't eat it?
Dylan: Weeeelll, I traded it for some Doritos. So I didn't get one like every one else (meaning his sisters, who also got one in their lunches). So can I have one?
Me: Looks like you got one, you just didn't eat it.
Dylan: Right, I didn't eat it, so that's why I need one now, because I didn't get one.
Me: You DID get one, you just gave it away, and I'm not giving you another one.
Dylan: I didn't get to eat it though! So, I didn't get one!!
Me: Yeah, you ate Doritos. That was your choice. End of story. You got one. No more Zingers.
Dylan: But MOOOOMMMMM! Please, please can I have one (he's working on a few tears, hoping that will help him plead his case).
Me: Nice try, kid. No Zinger.

I have to give the kid some credit for working with what he had. He figured he was entitled to a Zinger, somehow.

Meanwhile, Hypatia (my 5 year old daughter) walks in and ignores all reason, she doesn't care whether she's entitled or not, she just wants what she wants. She starts yelling:

Hy: I want a Zinger!!! (yelling at the top of her lungs)
Me: No
Hy: I want a Zinger!!! (this time her face is beginning to contort and she's starting to collapse).
Me: No
Hy: Please, please, I really really want a Zinger!!! Give me a Zinger now!!!! (at this point she's on the floor, wailing).

Now the Migraine Kicks In

Up until the kids got home from school, I was vaguely aware of the fact that I was nursing a bit of a headache. Somehow, and completely unrelated to the Zinger events, (yeah, right), the headache accelerated into a full blown migraine, complete with fuzzy vision. At this point, I informed the children that they had to keep their eye on the baby, and that I was officially sick, so don't bug me for a while. I took some Ibuprofin and retired to my room and fell asleep, well sort of. It's hard to go to sleep with 4 children running around the house. In any case, I rested. Luckily I don't suffer from severe migraines that last for days. I was mostly recovered within an hour and a half. My head was sore, but the headache was mostly gone. What's really lucky is that the children are all alive and didn't kill themselves while I was in my room, ignoring them.


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Michael Donovan said...

Vanilla Zingers and a big cold glass of milk - paradise!


Sandra said...

I grew up in my parent's grocery store. So I know all about Moon Pies, Twinkies, Snowballs, Jackson cookies sold one at a time, vienna sausage and big dill pickles. Even though I know how to read food labels and what is good for me, I still love Twinkies and keep a box at work. They remind me of Mother and Daddy and when a child's life was so much simpler.