Tuesday, November 22, 2005

How do you explain daylight savings time? My little boy is growing up!

Daylight Savings Time

When daylight savings time ended last month, I tried to explain it to my 7.9 year old daughter:

me: Daylight savings is ending, so we gain an hour.

her: how?

me: Well, every year they change the time and then they change it back. So it will be 6 in the morning, but it will feel like seven!

her: (pointing to the calendar), so we get an extra hour here and here too?

me: No, we only get the hour just once, until they change it again, and then they take it away again, six months later.

her: I don't understand.

me: (more lame attempts at explaining, not doing a good job...)

her: Whatever, I just don't get it...(mumbled as she walks away)

My Little Boy Is Growing Up!

My youngest is almost 2. He's learning about how to notice bodily functions. The first step in potty training is learning to regocnise a bowel movement (hereafter referred to as poop). He's good at it, too. When he has a poop, he promptly removes his diaper, lays on the floor (carpeted), and calls for me until I come. Isn't that sweet? Well, the not so sweet part is the poop smears. I am getting tired of scrubbing the poop off the carpet every time this happens. I keep explaining to him that I would prefer it if he would let ME be in charge of removing the diaper, but he just doesn't seem to get it. Two year olds aren't very smart when it comes to things like this. What they lack in brains, they sure make up for in cuteness, though. I think its an evolutionary thing (humans are endeared to cute things, making toddlers much more likely to be hugged, rather than eaten). I may have to start duct taping the diaper onto him (something I did with my daughter for a while). These darn velcro diapers are just to easy for a two year old to remove!

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