Thursday, January 05, 2006

Oh Cristmas Tree...How do I put you away?

Oh Cristmas Tree...How do I put you away?

About 6 years ago, my dh got all excited and bought a huge fake Christmas tree. I have no problem with the fake part. The huge part was a bit of a problem. We had just bought our first house and it was tiny. Only 1100 square feet. So, of course the living room was tiny, and figuring out how to fit it in was not easy! Then there was the added problem of where to store it during the months of January to November. The tree is 7 1/2 feet tall, which is not too tall, but it has a rather large base circumference, and is very full. Trying to squeeze that thing into a teensy weensy living space was a pain. Every year, I loved the tree (in a fake, modern, non-organic, commercialised Christmas sort of way), but hated dealing with it. Four years after buying it, we moved again and bought another 1100 square foot house. Sigh...more of the same. Squeeze the tree into a little living room. Finally my dh got sick of it too, and after last Christmas, we gave the tree to my brother and SIL.

Well, luckily, dh included the condition that we could ask for it back if we bought a bigger house. Because, guess what! Within a few months we bought a much bigger house (if I had known that giving the tree away would produce such results, I would have done it sooner!)

So we asked my brother if we could have the tree back, and he ungrudgingly returned it (thank you!). My kids and dh put it up in our spacious living room, and it wasn't in the way at all! The box in which it has been stored (lo these many years), had finally seen its last Christmas, though. It was falling apart. Dh hauled it out to the trash. The other day I finally got around to taking the tree down and now I have piles of fake tree branches in piles on my living room floor. Dh and I are trying to figure out how to pack the thing! We have plenty of storage space, just no box big enough to store the ginormous thing.

(edited to add: Its STILL sitting in piles in our living room a week later. Maybe we can just leave it there until next Christmas?)

(its now Jan 16, and the tree is now in piles in the garage/workshop. I've got to do something with it!)

(now its Jan 22, and we have it in some boxes, ready to go into the attic)
What does a 2 year old know about computers?

My 2 year old son, W is so smart. He knows how to get my attention when I'm on the computer. There are many options. He can push the little button with the moon on the keyboard, and that puts the 'puter in hibernation mode. Or he can push the power button on the tower, which turns the whole darn thing off. If I'm playing Zuma, he has figured out that hitting the space bar will pause the game, but he gets confused sometimes and hits the space bar even when I'm not playing Zuma and wonders why my screen didn't pause! LOL.

Anyway, My preference is the moon button...uh, oh, here he is...

Ok, I'm back. Anyway, the moon button doesn't shut down any of the programs, so I don't have a hard time getting back to what I was doing...which was wasting all my precious time on the stupid internet. Gee, maybe I'm missing a bigger lesson here. Maybe I should be the one to turn of the computer?

My final point

Which brings me to my final point. I have found that I waste too much time on the internet and computer. So, lately, I have devised an ingenious plan. When my 9 year old son goes to school, I have him lock the mouse and keyboard away in his treasure box. I don't know the combination, so I can't get to it. It has helped immensely! No temptations! I still have to talk myself into actually doing housework, but at least the computer is not available for distraction. I still find things to waste time on, though. I did 4 Sudoku puzzles yesterday.

Today I was a bad girl and "accidentally" forgot to ask my son to hide the mouse. So here I sit on my fat arse! Sigh. Will I ever change?

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