Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Conversations with a child

We were going to Murphreesboro to look for diamonds. In the car, on the way, Sean saw some vultures. He pointed them out to the children. The conversation went something like this:

Sean: Look! Turkey vultures! (there were several circling above us).

Hannah: Oh, yeah, we learned about those in school.

Sean: Really? What did you learn?

Hannah: We learned that when their heads turn purple, they are about to puke.

Sean and I just howled with laughter when she said that. It was so unexpected.

Here is my youngest. What a cutie!

Ankle Injury

Ok, so for the first time in my life, I've started lifting weights. I really like it so far. It feels really good when those muscles work like that. I think I've suffered my first injury though. I've hurt my ankle. It happen while I was doing lunges, (or it happened when my 2 year old swung a little stool around and whacked me on the ankle-I'm not sure exactly, lol) Its a bit swollen and sore, although I can walk on it (with a bit of a limp). So now I'm doing cardio 3 days a week and I'm doing strength and resistance 3 days a week. I'm only breaking in with 30 minute sessions. I'm really liking it! I hope to be in shape eventually! :)

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