Wednesday, April 05, 2006 2

This kid is in his terrible twos! He's a wonderful kid, really, but he just loves to get into things. Hmm...some of his latest adventures?

He dumped a bag of rice out onto the living room carpet.

He started scooping the brown sugar into the Aloe Vera plant we have sitting on the kitchen table. I guess he thought the brown sugar was dirt. He had just seen his father replant it the day before so he knew just what to do.

Once he had the gallon jug of vinegar with the lid open. I saw him and yelled for him to stop. All I got in response was a backwards glance as he took off running. Must...escape...mommy... I caught up with him just as he fell in the living room and the vinegar was glug glugging onto the floor.

He has ruined more rolls of toilet paper than I can count. He loves to toss them right into the toilet or just completely unroll it and then toss it all into the toilet.

None of this is very out of the ordinary for a rambunctious 2 year old, I must admit, but it sure keeps me on my toes.

Yesterday he got into my makeup and tried to put on my mascara. He then proceeded to write all over the floor with it. Luckily, my bathroom has only concrete at the moment until we put new flooring down. No biggie. Wanna see a picture of Wade with mascara? He's got talent! But now I need some new mascara. I can only imagine all the bacteria growing in it now!

When Hannah was injured and home from school for a few days, she got bored and turned to a favorite game of any 8 year old girl with a baby brother. She dressed him up in girl clothes. He was so cute! He had a bad cold though, so his eyes were a bit puffy and gooey.

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