Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Anyone want a 19 month old kid?

I was in the middle of writing a nice long post about how my computer crashed, then I got it running again, (but lost everything on the computer--you know, back to ground zero), and how we bought a new house and we are painting it vibrant, bold colors, and how my littlest one got into a container of cinnamon and now my kitchen floor is brown (he walked in with the empty container going "heaaagh, heaaaagh, heaaaagh"). I think he was telling me that the cinnamon tasted hot.

So anyway, here I am, typing away and in walks Wade, my 19 month old cinnamon spiller. He goes right up the computer and turns it off and gives me a look that says "I'll teach you to ignore me...that's right, I'm talking to you!

It was a nice, clever, well worded post. The best so far. I'll never write something that good again. Ok, maybe it wasn't that great.

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