Saturday, July 02, 2005

Dylan is home and Hannah leaves. Summer and BLTs

Well, my inlaws came home and brought Dylan back. He was gone for two weeks and he had a blast. He played with his twin uncles on the computer until 1 am every night, then he played with his cousins, every day. He and P have a playful (sort of) rivalry. They engage in what I think of as joyful torture. Its torturous for the grandparents, but they (the kids) get such a kick out of it, they just won't stop. Dylan is 9 and P is 6. Well, now Dylan is back, and now he's torturing us. We love him so much, but 9 year old boys can sure be annoying! Already he and Sean, my DH are back into their alpha male competition, and since Sean really is the alpha male, Dylan usually ends up in tears. But they really do love eachother.

Hannah (7) is now gone with the inlaws. We had to reschedule her orthodontist to August 1 at 7:30 AM!!!. That's the only time they had available! Ack! She really wanted to go to Georgia, so I said that we'd make it. But its not going to be easy! We are early risers, but not really fast movers in the morning. I may have to set an alarm clock that morning, if I can find it. For a while, Wade made a game of throwing the little clock onto the tile floor to see if he could pop out the batteries. When I finally couldn't find one of the batteries, I hid the clock, and now I'm not sure where the clock or the batteries are.

Hannah is so excited, she's going to be with the grandparents for two weeks. She and her grandmother just get along so well. They just dote on eachother and they will enjoy their time together. Everybody loves Hannah. She has friends call every day asking her to spend the night.

Hypatia (5) was sad about being left behind and tried really hard to produce some tears. But really she knows deep down inside that she just really needed to stay with mama. Maybe next year she can go. She and Ha play a lot together and Hy will really miss her while she's gone.

A Good Old Fashioned BLT!

Summer and BLTS!! Yippee!! This morning we ate BLT sandwiches for breakfast. We only eat them once or twice a year, when the tomatoes are in season. This is the first year we have ever planted a garden and had fresh tomatoes right out of our front yard. Usually we have to buy them. We bought this incredible thick peppered bacon and oh yum. It's just incredible. You just can't improve on bacon, lettuce, tomato, mayo, and toasted bread.

I could be a vegetarian if I put my mind to it. I really could. I can live without meat. I eat beans regularly, and I even like tofu, honest! But I would have to sneak in a BLT once in a while, I think.

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