Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Its a recurring theme: I'm stupid!

Ok, before you non-existent readers think that I have a low self esteem, I'd better say that I am a happy, well-adjusted, confident person. I know I have self worth and I am not depressed, or down in any way. Because of this I am quite capable of calling myself out on the stupid things I do. I love myself anyway, so I'm okay with it, you know?

Anyway, a friend of mine started back to nursing school today. She had asked me if she could drop her 2 school aged children off at my house before school, so they could catch the bus with my children. No problem! Well, I let everyone sleep in because we didn't get enough sleep over the weekend. When 6:55 am rolled around, I was only half awake and the children and hubby were asleep. Our house is big enough that we didn't hear any knocking on the back door (she knows to use that one, and besides, the front has a broken doorbell anyway) and I only realized that she had been there because I heard the car leaving our long gravel driveway! I ran outside and I couldn't catch her! I drove over to the school to see if she was waiting there with the kids. I called her house to see if she was there. I couldn't find her! I feel so bad! What a flake! My house was a mess. The dinner dishes were sitting on the kitchen table and no one was anywhere to be seen. (I'm sure she looked in the window and saw all of this, since the windows are right by the back door and you can see my kitchen and the table, in all it's messy glory.) I called and left a message on her home phone and apologised profusely! I hope she trusts me again! I'm usually not a flake, really I'm not!

We burned our yard...ON PURPOSE!

I never knew that out in the country people burn their leaves. Its against the law to burn when you live in the city. But not where we live! We live in a small town and unless there is a burn ban, you can burn, baby, burn. The weather had been so dry that we had a burn ban for a while. We hadn't raked our leaves, and we have almost 2 acres of yard, with plenty of trees. The leaves were thick. When the burn ban was lifted we did some burning. Our front and back yard are now a barren black wasteland!
This is our front yard. Now my house has soot tracked in all over. What a mess! But I expect that this spring our yard will be nice and green! I actually helped a lot with the burning. It was fun, and it didn't get out of hand or anything! Dh said I must really be enjoying myself or I wouldn't be out there helping him, because I never help in the yard. He's right, of course!

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