Monday, January 09, 2006

My daughter's deadly Christmas gift

Hypatia, my 5yo daughter wanted a musical figurine for Christmas. Luckily she got a snowglobe musical figurine thingy from Grandma, because Mom, Dad, and Santa failed to follow through. Anyway, she just loves it. She sleeps with it, and she takes it with her wherever she goes.

I was in the bathroom the other day, enjoying a few minutes alone. Who am I kidding, it was Christmas break and all my kids were home. No such thing as privacy. I didn't even bother to shut the door. It was wide open. After a minute or two, I hear Hypatia screaming in pain (Moms can tell by the quality of the crying). I immediately yelled at Dylan, her older brother "What did you do?!!" I said. She came into the bathroom just howling. When she gets upset and tries to talk, she is completely incoherent. She sounded something like "iiiigooossslleelllkksithhpoeldjthghhhelkllstkkkhttt." I was still sitting on the toilet, but Hannah was comforting her. She was trying to explain what happened. Finally she was calm enough to get it all out. The story goes: She had been laying on the floor holding her musical snowglobe up over her head so she could gaze into it, when, suddenly, it slipped out of her hands and fell onto her forehead. OUCH!!! She had quite a bump on her noggin. OOPS! I guess Dylan wasn't to blame!

Edited to add: Well the pretty music/snow globe thingy eventually broke and then Hypatia cut her finger on the glass from it. We couldn't tell if she needed stitches or not, so we almost took her to the emergency room, but then later decided to just seal it with super glue and duct tape. It was just fine and it wouldn't have needed stitches anyway.

Typical 2 year old
Wade is into everything. I'm glad I don't keep anything dangerous under the kitchen sink. I have a couple of jugs of vinegar that I keep there and I found him with an open jug. He had spilled it onto the floor (only a few drops, strangely enough) and he was sampling it by licking the floor. yuck!

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