Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Spiced Pork Chops

The apples and squash are a nice accompaniment to pork chops. The major flaw in this recipe is that they were all baked together.

Dh took one look at it and said "um, you know I like my pork grilled, right?"

This wasn't so bad, but for it to be perfect, I'd have to grill the pork, and then make a side dish of apples and squash.


Brie said...

I have been haunting your blog for awhile. Saw it on amity=)
Can I add you to my list of blogs?

Laurie said...

Oh, please do! I'll add you to my list too, ok? I've looked at your blog a few times too. I like it!

Brie said...

My simple food doesn't even begin to compare to the great food you make! My bf is still making fun of my poor eggs LOL=)