Tuesday, September 05, 2006


Um, ok, yeah, we have chickens. 25 to be exact. We've been considering getting some, so Sean buys 25. Is he crazy?!

I'll let you know how this goes. For now I need to read up on chicken-y stuff.

No we don't keep them all in that little cage. Thats just what we used to transport them to our house. They get to roam around a lot!


Val said...

That is AWESOME! My kids would DIE for chickens! How cool!


Angelina said...

Okay, I have to know! Do you change your furniture around this much too? Every time I like your background you go and change it up! I am trying to change mine, but it is taking me forever. I am getting someone to overhaul it for me, because I don't like any of those pre-made templates from blogger! Keep it coming...still looks great!

Laurie said...

Um, no, I'm completely home decor impaired. I never know what to do with my house or furniture.

My problem is that I love fiddling around with the computer. I keep finding free templates and then I mess with them until they look like something I like. Its funt to keep experimenting with the html code until I've figured out how to do what I want. I also like making graphics (I'm not good at it, I just like it). Sean is wondering if there isn't something better I can do with my time, lol. Um, yeah honey, I'm not wasting hours on the computer, honest!

Anonymous said...

She's just like her sister, can't commit! ; )

Laurie, I love the kid pics. Your kids are so cute! And the chickens are ok. Of course, as their aunt, I'm not biased at all.

Yer big sis

M. said...

Wow! So are you going to consume those chickens? that's so interesting.

Laurie said...

Well, I'm not planning on eating them, lol! We were hoping they would eat the bugs in our yard and that maybe we would get some eggs.

Anonymous said...

Val, I bet your chickens would die for your kids, too! :)

- Laurie's brother