Saturday, September 09, 2006

I'll Never Win

Ok, so the other day, I didn't have anything for dinner. We had been gone much of the day and it was getting late. So I ran to the local grocery store and bought some cheap-o pizza. Red Baron brand.

I cooked it and served it to my kids. Do you want to know what Hypatia said when she took her first bite?

"mmmmm...This is the best cheese pizza I ever ate!"

Why do I even try with this girl!!??!! I made homemade cheese pizza the other day, and she prefers this?!!


Val said...

Sounds exactly like something my dd would say. I think she and Hypita were cut from the same cloth. {{{hugs}}} just know that I have sympathy. *sigh*


Val said...

Woops! I spelled her name wrong. Sorry!