Wednesday, September 20, 2006

I'll admit it.

I'm addicted to playing with my template code and creating new backgrounds and logos. I hope its not annoying to you readers, because I'm not sure I can stop.


Aoife said...

The template changes don't bother me at all!

One of your recent backgrounds was a series of blue stripes. It was really pretty. Where did you get it, and can I steal it?

Sera said...

Get help, Laurie. GET HELP! ; )

Laurie said...

Yes, you can use the background, lol! I got it from this site: If you click on her patterns link, you'll find it on the page that says "U color 'em" I colorized it myself with photoshop elements (wish I had the real photoshop!). If you want the exact one I colorized, I can email it to you. I'll go to your blog now and see if I can find your email. If I'm thinking of the same one you are thinking of, wasn't it more of a green stripe color? Anyway, I could make it more blue for you if you want.

That citrusmoon site has a lot of nice background images.

Sera: LOL! Sometimes Sean asks just how much time I spend doing this. I respond with a very non-committal shrug and a mumble of "I don't know".