Saturday, September 16, 2006

Cole Slaw

This is just some basic cole slaw I made to go along with my pinto beans.

I never do the exact same thing twice when it comes to slaw. There are some basic rules I follow:

  • Go easy on the mayo. Less is more. Its high calorie, and I really don't like an over dressed slaw. I usually add as little as I can, and add more if I really think it needs it. This time, I had some homemade ranch dressing, so I used it instead of mayo this time.

  • For a basic sweet and sour dressing, use equal parts mayo, sugar, and vinegar (I got this tip from my sister-in-law, Sesika). I usually don't measure, though.

  • I always like shredded carrot added for color. Its not really neccesary, but I think it looks better.

  • Another great addition to slaw is crushed pineapple. Actually, my parents always made slaw this way when I was growing up. Just cabbage, mayo, and pineapple. I like it that way, but I like the added vinegar.

Cole Slaw
homemade ranch dressing
vinegar (don't add to much or you will be puckering while you eat.)

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