Friday, August 18, 2006

Avocado with my Favorite Breakfast

A friend of mine, from this blog, suggested that when I make my Favorite Breakfast, I should add diced avocado. So, this morning, I tried it! It was most excellent!! Thank you, Val!

Laurie's Favorite Breakfast, with Avocado Added!

When I looked at all the pictures I took this morning of my breakfast, they all had a sort of fuzzy, ethereal quality. A haze surrounded the right side of each picture. did this happen? I thought back to the past day. Hmm.... Using my keen intellect, I was able to reconstruct recent events, and I realized that my 2 year old had smeared his grimy fingers on the lens when he felt the need to return my camera to me from a place where I had put it away (he can climb). Ack! I've wiped it off with a lens cloth and maybe it will be alright.

My poor little camera is suffering anyway. It takes pictures just fine, but you have to know how to hold it just right or it thinks that the lens cover is closed instead of open. The track is broken and so it doesn't put enough pressure on the mechanism that tells the camera...blah...blah...blah. I won't bore you further, but I'm really wanting a new camera now that I'm taking pictures of food! I'm hinting to dh that I need a Canon Digital Rebel XT. Its what many of the foodie (and non-foodie) bloggists use. I want...I want...I need...I need. 'Nuff said.


Val said...

If I hadn't just eaten I would totally be drooling right now... that looks SO good!

I had something similar for dinner tonight... and then added beans. Avacado can really go with anything... but black beans and eggs with avo... what could be better?

I actually like the hazy look of that picture. It does give it an other worldly quality. Very cool looking.

Laurie said...

Well, I wiped the lens and I think i no longer have the hazy thing goin' on anymore, lol.

Sounds like a good dinner!