Friday, August 11, 2006

Dylan came home!

My 10 year old son, Dylan, has been staying in Georgia with his grandparents for a while during the summer vacation. He has only been a little homesick. He has uncles, aunts, cousins, and grandparents to keep him busy. The granparents took him and his cousin on a great trip to HiltonHead. They had loads of fun. They even had a cheese tasting party.

These are two pictures of Dylan. One is before he got his hair cut, and the other is after (obviously!)

Anyway, his twin uncles brought him home last night! We've been missing him, so we are glad to have him back.

I think my 6 year old daughter, Hypatia, thought that she had finally gotten rid of Dylan for good.

Our conversation yesterday:

Me: The twins are going to be here tonight. They are bringing Dylan home.

Her: Why? Is he sick?

Me: He's been gone a long time. Its time for him to come back.

Her: Oh

Me: Did you think that he was going to live there forever?

Her: Yeah

Me: And you were happy about that?

Her: Uh huh

So much for my kids loving their siblings.


Val said...

LOL! That is funny... how old is Hypatia? This is the first year Cyan has REALLY wanted Alex to come home. She has really missed him a lot... but last year this is something she would have said easy. (Alex is my 10yr old and he is gone for 5 - 6 wks every summer to his dad and family in MI. Yes I miss him a lot right now. 2 wks to go.)

Laurie said...

Hypatia is 6. The difference may be that When Dylan is gone, she still has her 8 year old sister and her 2 year old brother to keep her plenty entertained. Dylan really likes to torment the 2 girls, so its usually him against them. I don't know that he tries to, I think it just happens naturally, lol.

Val said...

I keep wondering if this will happen in my family when the baby gets bigger. Is it going to be the two older ones pitted against the younger? Or the two younger ones always getting into the teens space? Or the teen off by himself by choice and the two others following him around like a puppy and driving him crazy?

I am sure it will be something totally different that I haven't thought of. I mean, god forbid parenting be something you can prepare for. LMAO!