Monday, August 07, 2006

Big Overstuffed Chairs

My brother just moved and is looking for that perfect chair to go in his house. He wrote this, and I thought it was great, so I'm posting it. Its not food related, but the comfort of a big, overstuffed chair rates right up there with the comfort of good food. So I thought it would work here.

I like big, soft chairs. I like the kind of chairs that you can get lost in with a book and a cup of cocoa. The kind that someone might walk past without noticing that you’re in there. The kind in which you could choose any direction to face- forward, left, right, even backward and still not fall out. Have you ever sat in a short little chair and as soon as you sat down you started sliding forward toward the edge of the seat? Yeah that’s not my kind of chair. In my favorite chair you might need climbing gear to get back out once you get in. The kind of chair I could fall asleep in- alone, or with Lori, or with T-Bone-the-dog. A nap chair. An easy chair that doesn’t need a lever on the side because it already is comfortable without any special reclining mechanism. My kind of chair is the reward at the end of a long day. It works great for TV, listening to music, or just staring out the window and day dreaming. It has armrests like giant pillows, that spread out like wings to carry me off to la-la land. I can sit cross-legged or curl my knees up or throw my legs over one side and my arms over the other- if I wanna. I could even put my back on the seat and my legs on the backrest and pretend I’m blasting off in a mercury-atlas rocket into space- if I wanna. I could even bring my wireless laptop and surf the internet and post weird things on like I’m doing now. In my chair, my favorite chair. Not the kind of chair with stiff sides that rise straight up. Not the kind with squeeky plastic coating, oh no no no. Not that kind of chair.

I haven’t found it yet but I’m still looking. Oh I've sat in chairs that I liked a lot but not the perfect one, not yet. I might need to build a new addition onto my house when I find it. Because I like big chairs.


Angelina said...

Hey many thanks for linking me. I love readers thoughts into my daily musings! Plus I love what we have to offer each other...wisdom, experience, and wonderful recipes :>)

Sera said...

I like the chair post. : )