Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Maple Walnut Topping

This topping is incredible on a good quality vanilla ice cream. It is decadent, elegant and down home all at the same time. Sean wanted to copy Haagen Daz's maple walnut topping, so we searched the internet until we found a suitable recipe. Actually, it was the only recipe we found for it.

Sean is the one who makes this recipe, because he likes to take it past the edge of reason. He overloads it with way too many walnuts. He even admitted it this time. I like just a reasonable amount of walnuts. Of course we use real maple syrup.

Sean loves this recipe, and the following picture is how he likes to eat it, with a banana and whipped cream. When I eat it, I don't have a banana and I try to have less of everything else.

Its pretty expensive to make and we don't keep it on hand all the time. We just make it for special occasions. Sean usually doesn't let the children eat it, and he can barely handle it when I eat it. He gets crazy when it comes to his special treats!

There is too much whipped cream in this picture. We are not always that indulgent (ok, sometimes we are!), but I think I got carried away, knowing I was going to take a picture of it!

Click here for the recipe:
Maple Walnut Topping

I thought I'd also add that if you want to make a copy of Hershey's Chocolate Syrup, then Hillbilly Housewife has a simple, perfect recipe. The texture and appearance is the same and the flavor is better. I won't be buying chocolate syrup anymore.

Chocolate Syrup


Val said...

OMG yum!!!

Crystal and Dexter said...

Is whipped cream referring to heavy whipping cream or cool whip whipped cream/topping? Sounds delish! I'll be making this as a Christmas gift this year!!